Electrical Conformance Board

In 1983, the ECB of South Africa was appointed as the national umbrella body to act in the intersts of the SA public and allow membership of different organisations to ensure fair play and beneficial interaction in the electrical and electronic industry. The ECB is a Not for Profit.

Integrating The Country

The ECB was established to participate on various bodies of the country, such as the AMEU, SABS, Government, Universitites and Financial Institutions. The purpose being to represent the interests of the electrical sector and to assist with a clearer understanding and integration in to other industry areas.

Protecting The Industry

The ECB creates Sector Boards for different industry areas who designed to increase industry participation, create rules to the industry benefit and improve the overall industry understanding.

Making South Africa Electrically Safe With Standards & Monitoring

The Electrical Conformance Board of South Africa (ECB) was established in 1983 as the national umbrella body and customer champion within the electrical and electronic sector. It is an unbiased organisation where the general public , manufacturers, importers, designers, installers and the regulator use the ECB as their partner and interface between themselves and the various industry stakeholders. Promoting conformance, co-operation and support, the ECB works closely with organizations, such as the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), to assist in the regulation of the industry.

The ECB is a Not for Profit organisation funded entirely by its members and donations. Join us as a member for specialised services or sign up for our newsletter.

Electrician Listing 

As a listed electrician or contractor with the ECB we can save you time, support you in your work and ensure your customers can identify you clearly.

Online and Printed CoCs

We offer the most comprehensive printed CoCs via hundreds of electrical wholesale outlets, however, we also offer online record keeping for you and your clients.

Contractor Listing

As as listed contractor we can verify your qualifications, assist with your training and keep you up to date. We are also compulsory for the CIDB.

Training & Learning

Our Technical Director wrote the SANS 10142 standards. Learn with an organisation who has the industry’s best interests at heart.

Know the Law

The ECB often helps to resolve issues with AIAs, municipalities, industry and contractor complaints. Our industry experts offer competent advice and guidance.

Keeping You In Touch

We are constantly in touch with the electrical sector, the SABS and other industry bodies. We are here to help keep you up to date.

Affiliate Memberships

If you are directly or indirectly related to the electrical and component sector we can assist you with up to date knowledge and industry happenings. 

Electrical Engineers

The ECB provides regular training through the SAIEE, however, joining the ECB ensures you keep ahead of all legislation and requirements.

Banks & Financial Services

The ECB can provide online access to building Certificates of Compliance and qualifications, ensuring a clear working responsibility chain.

Manufacturers & Importers

We sit on over 20 SABS standards workgroups and over 80 sessions  per year. We can help ensure your interests are covered.

Property Owners

The ECB offers online clarity to historic building CoCs and electrical work performed on your properties. Helping with portfolio management.

Interest Groups

We offer membership to individual, academic and international vendors who want to keep up to date on the Southern African electrical sector.

Our Mission



  • To promote the use of legally compliant products & services.
  • To promote the awareness of electrical safety issues.
  • To promote technical competence through training.
  • To acknowledge conformance through listing of products, suppliers & individuals.
  • To support the development, implementation & dissemination of standards and information relating to electrical workmanship and components.